Hyperallergic posts this ongoing series by Elisa Wouk Almino which features 3 artists at a time. This one, published December 11, 2020, shows a photo of my Governors Island studio and a statement.

NY Times article by Brian Boucher about a collaborative AIDS Quilt project

R.C. Baker writes about our group show at BWAC.

"And while, yes, there is a feeling of the-end-of-an-era, a sadness reflecting the politically and existentially charged time, there is also joy. The abstractions of Jean Foos, playing with grid structure leapfrog the emotional intensities of the time, allowing the viewer meditations on Time and (quite literally) Place."

Thomas Micchelli reviews 2 shows about the period, 1983-1984.

"Many of the paintings look as if they could have been made yesterday: Jean Foos’s swirling forms that split the difference between the tangible and the abstract; the bearded and naked man cowering under a table (and a turkey) by Michael Ottersen; the awkwardly slapstick figures running across a sheet of shaped paper by Judy Glantzman; the bluntly articulated, boldly colored heads of Keith Davis; and the painted silhouettes on vinyl LPs made by Jane Bauman between 1981 and ’82, one of which evokes the 1981 attempt by John Hinckley, Jr., on the life of Ronald Reagan."

One of my postcard paintings is reproduced in the literary section of BOMB. It accompanies an excerpt from a collaborative poem by Melanie Neilson and Jessica Grim. The poem title is "The Autobiography of Jean Foos".

Preview for my artist book of 4x6 inch postcard invitations. You can buy a copy here:(http://jeanfoos.com/cannonball-lagoon-the-book-/1).